Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2011

I'm here

It´s not a shame to be afraid
I know you´re trying to be a brave
But I know that it´s okay
You can let your heart go
I can´t erase your pain
But I do my best to keep you safe
I know it´s hard to trust
But you can count on me
If I have to face the darkest night
Throught the wildest storm
Just to let you know
I would give up everything
Just to keep you warm
Anything to show you
I´m here 
I don´t believe in destiny
But you mean everything to me
I´m not the kind to use a million words
Even if I´ll want it to

I could paint a picture
But I might get it wrong
and I could tell a story
but it might go on too long
And I could join an orchestra
pretend to play along
Sometimes I might be lost for words
I´m here...
I´m here..

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